At Dataridoo

we help you with searching, handling and presenting data.


At Dataridoo we help you with crawling, optimising and handling data. We provide you the tools to optimise your digital channels, reach specific audiences and generate more conversions. All these are combined in our marketplace service called Wootori.

Data Crawling

Dataridoo collects large amounts of open and public data on a daily basis. Clients can either consult and use the available database for their projects or define specific needs which we address with customised crawling.

AI and machine learning

Based on your existing data, and integrated with our technology searching open and public sources on a constant basis, we can help you develop machine learning algorithms. By doing so we progressively improve the quality and performance of your existing data.

Some of the datasource integrations we provide


You have an existing online service with a good amount of traffic? We can monitise your visitors for you and your partners. No more outbound links or referrals interrupting the visitor flow but actual on site conversions. Need a marketplace to sell products or services? Is your idea to facilitate peer-to-peer rentals? Or maybe a site for booking hiking services? We provide the platform and data and support all types of marketplaces!

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