Dataridoo’s mission is to use data to power sharing economies.

They say data is the new oil. Where oil is valuable because of its scarcity, powering industry and transportation, data is valuable because of it’s abundance across a wide range of industries.

The abundance of data is however a double edged sword. There is often so much data to deal with that finding the parts that are useful to you as a business is difficult. Data comes in many forms. Text, images, video, numbers, rows & columns, voice, or simply observations of surrounding environments. The point is it’s everywhere. The more you have the more overwhelming it can be. But you only have to look at Google, Amazon or Facebook quarterly earnings to see how utilising data can be profitable.

That’s where we come in.

We set about getting data for a marketplace, developing a strategy for using it and then build an economy around it. For instance you might need data about all potential companies in a specific niche.

We want to help you build the next “airbnb” kind of idea and we’ve developed a suite of tools and services to support that.

Our people have decades of experience working with APIs, Machine learning, Web crawlers, Analytics, Search Engines, Big Data and a bunch of other data tools to bring you the value of the new oil and help you power an economy you’re interested in.

Steve Jackson - CEO

Steve’s role is business development, strategic direction, partnerships and bringing in the best talent he can find to help you build your sharing economy.
+358 50 343 5159

Maarten Patteeuw - CDO

Maarten develops the online marketplaces Dataridoo creates by bringing together strategic thinking around marcomms, marketing automation, ecommerce and online business development.
+358 40 750 1567

Clinton Deacon - CTO

Clinton’s main role at Dataridoo is to provide you the relevant merchants data, build the enablement services and develop your onboarding programs. He’s also mapping out your needed integrations and connecting third party apps.
+358 50 402 2176

Minna Kruhse - CBO

Minna takes good care of Dataridoo’s clients, ensuring our services meet their criteria and are delivered to their satisfaction.
+358 50 506 7833