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Using the power of Google Data Studio, you can build your custom reports, sourcing and combining data to create valuable insights for your business.

Limitless data

Our ever expanding array of data sources can be combined in any way you wish with no limitations.

Save time

When your dashboards have been built in Data Studio, you can keep you data refreshed and up to date with a simple click.

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Beta testing
Currently in development, contact us to register your interest in early access.

Adobe Analytics

Beta testing
Get all of your data from Adobe Analytics including conversion variables, traffic variables and classifications (coming soon).

Facebook/Instagram ads

Limited access
Get your Facebook and Instagram ad data from your Facebook business account including campaign, adsets and ad metrics. Contact us to get access today

Facebook page insights

Limited access
Get your Facebook page data. Contact us to get access today

Google Analytics

The world’s most popular web analytics system. Get your data including custom dimensions and goals directly

Google Search Console

Check the SEO performance of your website. Get up to 15 months of data structured across multiple dimensions – something not possible using the basic Search Console UI.


Search Instagram and get public data on your favorite tags. Keep up with what the world is talking about on world’s most popular photo sharing platform.


Provides insights on who is looking at your website. Use this tool to get that data instantly into your dashboards

LinkedIn Pages

Follow the popularity of your company pages in LinkedIn.


Follow the activity of your projects in this CRM sales tool


Get publicly accessible Twitter data about users and tweets with just a few clicks

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