Many companies have lots of targeted traffic but no way to monetise it for themselves or their partners.

Wootori solves that problem.

Marketplace platform

Our platform provides advanced tools for categorizing and filtering content. People can browse listings as a list or on a map. Content can be searched by location or using keywords. You can set up categories, subcategories, and numerous custom filters to help people find what they are looking for. All this with an optimised user experience both on desktop and mobile.

Merchant Onboarding

We provide you the database with all eligible merchants and contact them to sign up to your marketplace. However you let merchants handle bookings and manage availability on a daily basis. The availability management system allows providers to specify their listing’s availability per amount, per day, or per hour, which is shown to users in the listing’s calendar. It’s a great way to avoid double bookings, increase successful bookings, and maximize user satisfaction.

Data integrations

We import the merchants products and services into the platform and provide all purchase, booking and payment integrations. All data and datatransfers are secured and GDPR compliant. Need a frontend integration of the marketplace platform into an existing service? No problem.

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