We use APIs and crawlers  to gather information from public data sources on a constant basis. It may make sense once you’ve gathered this information to apply machine learning to the data sources you have. Say you wanted to score the content you’ve created based on the likelihood it contains certain characteristics, for instance you want to know every site of the 100,000 links you’ve gathered about biking, which ones are about bike rental. You could use a machine learning algorithm to quickly score the most likely ones based on the content in each site that contains keywords, related keywords or similar concepts to bike rental.

Machine learning has many, many applications and we’re particularly skilled at natural language processing, images or video processing to help categorise, develop concepts and build content for your marketing, advertising or eCommerce needs.

Save Time

Apply machine learning to the information you need you need from any unstructured data source to save time utilising supervised learning.

Improve efficiency

Reduce time to market, costs and improve efficiency by utilising machine learning for any of your advertising, marketing or eCommerce services.