In simple terms a marketplace is a portal or platform where many multiple sellers or vendors (merchants) operate rental or ecommerce services under  a single marketplace brand.

We work with enterprises in 3 ways, Merchant onboarding only, Marketplace development, or a consulting model.

 Merchant Onboarding only

We source, validate and provide you with the merchants you’ll need for your marketplace. We charge a flat % fee per  transaction from every merchant we onboard. The fees depend on the service model you have but the idea is if a visitor to your marketplace made a €29 purchase from one of the merchants we on-boarded and we’d agreed a 10% fee we would be paid €2.90 from that purchase. In this model we don’t supply the platform or the strategy, just the merchants you need to drive revenues through your platform as an ongoing partner.

Marketplace Development

In this model we supply you with the platform and populate it with merchants. As with onboarding only we charge a flat % fee per merchant transaction we onboard. The fees are higher with this model because we’re actually building the service for you and updating it as well as providing you with the merchant revenue stream. Prior to this we will work with you to determine the best way to enable your sharing economy to work – ideally workshops with senior staff managing the project would be needed but if we’ve signed a deal to develop the whole platform we don’t charge fees for time. Its a true investment in your idea, but its the highest per transaction fee we do.

 The Consulting Model

This is a hybrid model when you need help with the strategy to begin with, may need a platform built or merchants onboarding but you may not be sure which is best for you. It could be for instance you decide you can get your own merchants onto a system of your own design but you need help defining strategy. It could also be that you decide you need help with developing a platform but already have a strategy. Or it could be that you need to understand more about the way it’ll work for your business before onboarding merchants to your platform. This model usually starts with a consulting fee, workshops as required and are priced individually before reverting to one of the other models.

How it works

We become a partner in your success.

  1. Building the marketplace platform or merchant onboarding has zero upfront costs.
  2. Transaction % based fees.
  3. Hybrid model available.

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