We’ve identified 5 areas that business may be able to capitalise from using a marketplace. Companies that have links to Travel & Tourism, Cities and towns, Specialist Services, Employment, and Delivery services all have the possibility to create a marketplace. Whatever strategy you need we want it so that your visitors benefit from convenience, you benefit (you get paid), your merchants benefit (they get bookings) and we benefit as your success is our success.

Travel and Tourism

Booking services putting people on holiday in touch with services they want when they’re planning a trip (or when they’re there).

Hiking, fishing, biking, boating, skiing, guided tours, events, tickets to see shows, restaurants & bars, accommodation. A marketplace would help your visitor book it all in one place and we’d handle adding the merchants to your service, payments, insurance, rentals, management of vendors/merchants and much more. 

Cities, towns & regions

If you’re responsible for a region a marketplace could also be an option for you. You could offer information, booking services and rentals across an area becoming the ultimate guide for your region.

Hairdressers, spa’s, therapists, saunas, doctors, personal trainers, guitar teachers, language teachers, everything we listed in tourism and anything else that could be sold in a region. If you’re already running a popular service that doesn’t have booking possibilities we can offer that for every one of the businesses in the region, handling payments and commissions whilst serving your visitors directly. 

 The Circular Economy

Do you want to do your bit to help the environment? Help battle climate change? Or just develop services in smarter more eco-friendly ways?

Do you recycle old resources, for example could you develop services around raw material use, reuse, repurpose, recycling or waste for industrial markets? Heavy industrial equipment rentals instead of just selling the tools? Could you develop ways to reuse energy, fuels, biofuels and waste processes? Could you redesign the way the world collects, handles and manages packaging materials?

Specialist Services

Do you want to connect people offering services with those seeking it? Help get unemployed people into work? You could develop rental services for people that want to offer short term contracts.

Could your website sell the services of teachers, handymen, dog walkers, assistants, graphics designers, coders, freelancers, painters and decorators, plumbers, builders, or leaflet distributers? 

Delivery Services

Do you have lots of consumer products (FMCG) that need delivering? Could you utilise cars, bikes and vans to deliver parcels, food or more difficult items for a fee? You could develop delivery services that takes advantage of those resources.

Anyone with a car (or other mode of transport) could earn a fee for picking up some items from a store, or a pizza parlour and delivering them to a consumer. 

Marketplace Strategy

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