Your success is our success

You might need to integrate marketplace software into your existing website to take advantage of the high levels of traffic you have or you may need to build a marketplace from scratch. In either case we’re a partner that can help you with no up front costs. We work out transaction based fees that are fair for everyone involved. Because of this we don’t work with everyone, only those who are prepared to tie their success to ours as a partner.

Bookings, rentals and products or service listings

Providing your end user a real-time booking experience (confirmations included) with minimum manual handling is a technical challenge. You might want to rent accomodation for 7 days, a guided tour for 1 day, book a rental mountain bike for 3 days and a fishing trip for 1 day with overlapping dates, bought from different vendors and locations. Additionally you might want to buy a new raincoat. Doing that in one purchase is difficult. But it’s what your user wants when they book a trip. These are the kinds of challenges we’ve already seen and overcome.

Payment handling

Real time payments require a transparent and automated payment flow between the portal, the merchant and the customer in real time. Not easy. You also need to safeguard payments, guarantee payments for the user in case of problems with the merchandise, connect to all major credit cards, online banking systems and things like paypal. You need to be secure as a user of a service that the portal is safe when you make a booking. We handle all of that for you so you can get on with building your brand or community.

 Multiple views and ways to search

Individual views of the product or service, the merchant page (which we can build into their own websites) the user reviews, pricing, custom calendars which can be blocked off for certain dates (when it isn’t possible to rent for instance) or when you’re out of stock. We can filter by time and date as well as Geo location so the visitor can find the right merchants at the right time as quickly as possible.

Marketplace Development

  1. Partners in marketplace development with zero up front costs
  2. Bookings, rentals and products or service listings
  3. Payment handling
  4. Multiple ways for your visitors to search
  5. Multi Vendor (many merchants serving your visitors)

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