Your merchant or vendor is your revenue stream. When we work with you it’s in our interest to add as many merchants as possible to your marketplace. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on building your brand or your community. 

Merchant Data Collection

Acquiring the relevant merchant data is at the core of our service and if you’re building a marketplace, it should be at the core of yours.

Specify the type of businesses or merchants you need for your marketplace and we provide the data as your partners. Our database contains over 1.5 million businesses so we can start from looking through them to determine if we have some merchants you need. You define the parameters we collect the (contact) data. These can be merchants with existing online services (shop, booking tool, website,…) or merchants with no online presence at the time.

Merchant Validation

Once you’ve got the data then you need to onboard the merchants to your service so you can provide their services to your visitors.

After merchants have been onboarded we start the process of validation. We start the process via phone calls, e-mail flows or social channels. Or any other means needed to sign those merchants for you. Based on the specifications of the business model you have decided on we provide the merchant agreement to the merchant. Upon signing the agreement we activate the merchant login on the platform backend.

Machine Learning

Clustering, Segmenting and validating all this data would take too long if we were to do it manually so we use artificial intelligence to speed up this process.

We use advanced mechanisms to gather information from public data sources on a constant basis (millions of companies in our database). Once we’ve gathered this information we apply machine learning to the data sources in order to segment the information into clusters that make sense for your business. For instance let’s say we want to grab all the data we can about biking in Lapland. You could use a machine learning algorithm to quickly score the most likely ones based on the content in each site that contains keywords, related keywords or similar concepts to bike rental.




Merchant onboarding

There are 3 key elements to your onboarding strategy.

  1. Data collection
  2. Merchant Validation
  3. Machine Learning


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